Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Right Religion

I stumbled across a new podcast, it just started this January, called Holy Heretics. It's irreverent, funny, and thoughtful. Since it's by a couple of Southern white evangelical pastors, it touches on a lot of topics that are relevant to my own personal story. These guys are a blessing. I was introduced to their podcast through Carlton Pearson when he mentioned that he would be on their show.

In listening to this podcast, I decided to go ahead and read Carlton Pearson's books, starting with The Gospel of Inclusion. Carlton Pearson was a tangential figure in my church experience, as some of my extended family went to his church Higher Dimensions during its heyday here in Tulsa, and my immediate family visited the church as well.

I've been meaning to read his books for awhile, after all I've been following Bishop Pearson since shortly after he was outcast from the Pentecostal ministry for his "heretical" teachings, and I consider him my primary minister and teacher now.

Although much of the book covers subjects that I have already heard him address, several things have struck me in the book with fresh revelation and clarity.

One that struck me forcefully was this: the first murder - The Very First Murder! - was all about the "right" way to worship. We stupid humans have been killing each other over 'who understands God better' since the beginning of time! Wow.

So I did what every modern human of the internet age does when they have an epiphany. I made a meme.

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