Saturday, April 15, 2017

Censorship and Crucifixation

I was thinking this morning about all the forms of communication that have been threatened and censored over the millennia. Liberty threatens authoritarianism. The slow relentless march of progress, the questioning of the establishment and the subsequent violent repressions all stem from authority attempting to halt or slow the march of progress, fear of the chaos that may ensue if the crowd doesn't fall in line.
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Creative minds communicating revolutionary ideas using all forms of these media have been accused of heresy even before the time of Christ.

Educated minds threaten authority as they began to question why things are done the way they've always been done.

Later in this interview (at 11:35), John Cleese points out Jesus was crucified for blasphemy

At one point Muggeridge criticizes the comedy for minimizing "the enormous role [the crucifixion]'s had in peoples lives" over the centuries, but I ask - can't we critically view both the bible and "heresy" such as The Life of Brian and absolutely recognize the impact, put it all in context, and continue walking forward with a healthy nod to a less enlightened time in history, all the while striving to be better as a people than we were in the past?
Although we still have our barbarisms, at least we've moved away from crucifying people, right?


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