Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I was actually going to come home and watch The Handmaid's Tale today, but while the TV has to "warm up" before loading Hulu, I punched up some reviews to look over.

(what's with that, Hulu? The TV has to warm up? I swear there are no tubes in the TV, it's too frickin' skinny for tubes, come on, it's an LED screen)

Reading the scary tones and alarmist rhetoric, I was reminded of the sermons of hell fire and brimstone of my childhood, and so of course my automatic skeptic alarm bells began to ring loudly.

I changed my mind and deleted this one off my list of things to watch. I had enough right-wing apocalyptic frights growing up; I'm not going to fall for left-wing fright tactics, thanks.

Didn't anyone tell you guys you don't win people over to your viewpoint by scaring them? It's not like that's worked for thousands of years...

Oh, wait... Shit.

NYT review
NPR review

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